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Macarons are a somewhat lost art, but we have found the perfect recipe to bring them back to prominence and we are happy to provide a number of baked goods and treats that will have you always wanting more. We are based in Harrogate , North Yorkshire. We do offer local delivery as well as postal order. Check out our selection and learn more about our homemade Macarons!

To provide our customers with a one-stop shop for the macarons they need, we offer a wide product selection. Not only do we offer macarons in almost every flavour you can think of, but we press the boundaries with innovative styles and aesthetics that surround our macarons and make them some of the best in the business. Check out our flavourings and styles to find the perfect set of macarons for you!

What Sets Us Apart

Macarons are a very popular cookie, but they are rarely done well and as intended. If you want a true French macaron with the style and innovation that you have come to expect, then we are the right choice. We set ourselves apart from the competition by not focusing on mass production of macarons at whatever the cost, but by taking care and attention in each macaron that we produce. We don’t believe in ever providing an inferior product to our customers and this drive keeps us ahead of the competition. Each cookie you receive from us will be made with care and love.

Macarons For Any Occasion

The great thing about macarons in general and our selection of macarons is that they are great for almost any occasion. We have worked with individuals and parties that want macarons for gatherings, social events, weddings, celebrations, and other events that need an instant injection of a tasty and refreshing treat. Macarons are light, yet flavourful and are the perfect snack for you and your guests.

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